Вакансия PhD в области EDA в Newcastle University

Открыта PhD-вакансия в области EDA в Newcastle University, Великобритания.

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Описание вакансии:

A semiconductor company has offered us a PhD studentship to support research in design
automation for asynchronous circuits, with particular interest on specification synthesis by
behavioural mining and mapping FSMs into asynchronous circuits.
We are looking for an individual with strong interest and abilities to develop algorithms for logic
synthesis and optimisation, and not being averse to work in both digital and analog circuit domains.
Good knowledge of Petri nets and asynchronous digital circuits would be a premium. Additionally,
familiarity with analog circuits would be ideal.
A pre-requisite is a strong MSc or undergraduate degree in Computer Science and/or Electronic
Engineering. Candidates with Applied Mathematics or Physics degree, and good ability to program
will also be considered.
The studentship will cover both stipend and tuition fees, for three years, starting in the first quarter
of 2018, or as soon as the most suitable candidate is found.
Interested candidates should contact Professor Alex Yakovlev or Dr Danil Sokolov via email:
alex.yakovlev@ncl.ac.uk and danil.sokolov@ncl.ac.uk
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