Вакансия аспиранта в Delft University of Technology

Старейший и крупнейший технический университет в Нидерландах Делфтский технический университет приглашает физтехов на вакансию аспиранта. Вуз насчитывает более 16 000 студентов и 2600 научных сотрудников (включая 200 профессоров) и может стать отличным продолжением вашей научной карьеры. Дедлайн подачи заявки – 31 января.

Дальнейшее описание вакансии приводим на английском. Подробнее с условиями можно ознакомиться по ссылке. Вопросы о вакансии можно писать напрямую профессору Денису Воскову на D.V.Voskov@tudelft.nl

Department/faculty: Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Level: Master degree
Working hours: 38 hours per week
Contract: 4 years
Salary: €2222 to €2840 per month gross

Job description

The PhD position we offer is part of the geothermal programme performed at the TU Delft and supported by the Dutch government with the participation of industry partners. The main object of the project is to create a dynamic model for the geothermal well with a composite casing. This casing has several advantages for the geothermal industry including lower installation cost, resistance to corrosion, and transparency for monitoring the near-well area. At the same time, long-term exploitation of this casing may introduce additional risks and uncertainties related to mechanical deformation and chemical interactions with the fluid and the reservoir. The model, developed as the result of this project, will include thermal, hydraulic, mechanical, and chemical interactions coupled with the flow in well-bore and near-well porous media. A significant amount of information and monitoring data will be provided by industrial partners and will be processed and integrated into the numerical model. As the final results of the project, we will design a numerical framework for predictive simulation and monitoring of geothermal wells. The new PhD candidate will fit into a very dynamic environment of several PhD students and post-docs working on related topics at the TU Delft.


For the CRECCIT project, we are looking for a young, enthusiastic candidate with a strong numerical background (including coding), a clear affinity with the chemical processes, and strong enough geological and engineering knowledge to interact efficiently with the other members of the project. Some experience in CFD simulation and data analysis is welcome.


For more information about this position, please contact Denis Voskov, phone: +31 (0)15-2787829, e-mail:
D.V.Voskov@tudelft.nl. To apply, please e-mail a detailed CV, proof of English language proficiency, an abstract of your MSc thesis (one page), list of publications, three references and a letter of application as a single PDF entitled CiTG17.41_Lastname.pdf by 31 January 2018 to Denis Voskov, Recruitment-CiTG@tudelft.nl.
When applying for this position, please refer to vacancy number CITG17-41.