Видео выступлений с TEDxMIPT #2

19 ноября на площадке Deworkacy на Красном Октябре прошел второй TEDxMIPT «Иначе». Программа объединила выступления людей, которым удалось отбросить стереотипы и взглянуть на, казалось бы, привычные предметы с другой стороны. Поток выступил информационным партнером мероприятия. Часть лекций прошла на английском языке.

Лекторы выступили с интересными темами, Со всеми видеозаписями можно ознакомиться в нашем материале.

Life lessons from 3D printer

Many people say: if you don’t know something – don’t do this. You are not a specialist. But according to my opinion, I say: do that what you don’t know. It is only one way to become a specialist.

Asya Arutyunyan: Head of the Center of the engineering projects “Galaxy-3D” Autodesk Authorized Academic Partner and Sertified Instractor by Fusion 360

What do we know about drugs we buy in local pharmacy?

What do we know about drugs we buy in local pharmacy? Are they safe and effective? Analysis of russian pharmaceutical market has revealed that plenty of popular drugs has weak evidence base. In this talk, we’ll try to understand how to distinguish between effective and ineffective drugs.

Mark Veselov: PhD student at MIPT, co-founder of DrugMonitor.

Drug Hostages

Medicines save a lot of lives, but are they all safe? To answer this question, every new drug is tested on animals. The price of our security is their life. This talk is about more humane approaches and how this industry can change tomorrow.

 Sergei Evteev: student of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Medicine

Neuroscience VS Love

What is love? Can neuroscientists detect specific brain regions that activate when you see the beloved one? Can we actually measure love? We will try to figure it out and also discuss why using future versions of Tinder may not be a good idea.

Polina Krivykh: lecturer of the Evolution Fund, cultural platform Synchronization, a student of the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University.

The collection of biomaterials – the door to science

Search for exoplanets and black holes. Fold proteins in the search for optimal vaccines. Become a part of supercomputer. Go to a scientific expedition to the edge of the earth. You can do it right now. What citizen science is and why someone needs our biomaterial.

Artem Akshintsev: scientist of WPI RAS, founder of Russian Travel Geek.

It’s a rocket science |

Artem will tell us how to manage the missile economically and how to do it most effectively? New types of engines and the ultimate dream of guided flights in outer space, as well as what surprises can present flights – all this in Artem’s speech. Light engines, lasers and plasma surfing in space.

Artem Golosov: engineer of missile control systems, officer and gamepad-designer