TED-talks from MIPT English Club

We want to announce one more type of meetings that has never been seen before in MIPT English Club. And that is… TED-Talks.


  • Club’s regular member Dmitry with an intriguing topic «Beyond the patterns».
  • Konstantin Michailovich Shurunov with a talk on «How rich countries got rich and why poor countries stay poor?»

Join the event this Saturday (November, 25th) at 4 p.m. in Language Training and Testing Centre (an outbuilding of the 8th dormitory).  Follow posts on vk.com for more details.

Club’s presentation:

MIPT English Club_Страница_1
MIPT English Club_Страница_2
MIPT English Club_Страница_3
MIPT English Club_Страница_4
MIPT English Club_Страница_5
MIPT English Club_Страница_6
MIPT English Club_Страница_7
MIPT English Club_Страница_8
MIPT English Club_Страница_9


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